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Nivo Slider For Sitefinity

Nivo Slider is the world's most awesome JQuery Image Slider!

Created originally by Dev7studios, the Nivo Slider has been integrated under permission by Glenfield Creative to Sitefinity CMS to allow;

  • Easy on-screen configuration within page edit mode in Sitefinity of all Slider options
  • Simple allocation of Sitefinity Image Libraries to a Slider instance with options to use alternative text as captions and add a hyperlink with window behavior (same window, new window or defined pop-up)
  • Automatic Generation of Thumbnails from Sitefinity Image Libraries for Slider Navigation
  • Added RadRotator and RadWindow Functions, exclusively available to Sitefinity Users
  • Affordable price of US$29 provides the Slider functionality for all Sitefinity Installations licensed to yourself.

Voted as one of the best JQuery plugins of 2010 by Web Design Ledger, the Nivo Slider is packed with various settings and unique transition effects and now fully integrates to Sitefinity CMS.

>> Click here to see demos live in Sitefinity <<

Key Features

  • 9 unique slide transition effects; sliceDown, sliceDownLeft, sliceUp, sliceUpLeft, sliceUpDown, sliceUpDownLeft, fold, fade, random
  • Simple clean & valid markup
  • Configure one or more Sitefinity Image Libraries to work with a slider by easily checking boxes next to each in the control edit options
  • Loads of settings to tweak within the control edit options configurable in Sitefinity page edit mode without the need for coding
  • Captions can be taken from the Sitefinity Image Library Alternative Text
  • Hyperlinks can be allocated to Sitefinity Library Images and Window Behavior assigned (same window, new window, defined pop-up)
  • Built in directional and control navigation
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Includes added Thumbnail Rad Rotator not included in the standard Nivo Slider.  This allows you to have scrollable thumbnails overlaying the main image grouped with clickthroughs for image changes.
  • Packed JavaScript only weighs 10kb
  • Available for Sitefinity Community, Standard, Developer versions 3.7 SP4 with .NET Frameworks 3.5 and 4.


Please click the screenshot thumbnail image to view a larger version.

Control Properties (edit) View

Nivo Slider

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Purchase Full Version for US$29 (* Unlimited Domains)

* You may use the Control on as many of your own Sitefinity 3.7 SP4 Installations (Domains) registered to yourself, as you wish. You may not distribute this control to any third parties or if a Sitefinity Developer with customer installations you will need to purchase a license per customer to use within all that customers Sitefinity 3.7 SP4 Installations (Domains).

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no refunds on orders unless the goods do not do what is described and this control will only work with Sitefinity Community, Standard  and Developer 3.7 SP4 installations with .Net Framework 3.5 or 4. To find out how to check your version of Sitefinity click here.

Sitefinity 4.x or Greater Users: We are no longer offering this product beyond Sitefinity 3.7 SP4 and you should seek a different slider from other vendors.

Nivo Slider Download
                          Sitefinity 3.7 SP4 Systems ONLY

For product support please go to

Release History - Nivo Slider for Sitefinity 3.7 SP4

Note: All purchasers will periodically receive free updates for any bug fixes addressed by Glenfield Creative for Nivo Slider for Sitefinity 3.7 SP4. These updates will be emailed to your registered email address your purchase was made.

Version 1.3 Released 16th February 2011

  • Improved loading animation for preloading of images
  • Added ability to have individual images configurable with hyperlinks, along with choice of opening to same window, new window or pop-up window
  • Added ability to define and skin pop-up window globally if choosing this hyperlink option

Version 1.2 Released 2nd January 2011

  • Extra spacing below Slider for Control Navigation Dots fixed
  • Thumbnail display below Slider for larger libraries improved

Version 1.1  Released 1st January 2011

  • Fixed thumbnail option not displaying under Slider
  • Fixed centering issue with Control Navigation Dots
  • Images are now sorted by Title rather than Upload Date/Time
Version 1.0   Released 31st December 2010